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Seven Figure Consultant with Jessica Fearnley

Sep 7, 2020

When you are super clear on who you’re talking to, and what they want to know about you, it’s so much easier to communicate confidently and consistently every time you speak and write about your business.

My friend Lucy Eckley is founder and director of strategic communications consultancy Build Your Brand Story. She helps independent consultants build a unique story so they can stand out in their industry, get hired by their ideal clients and grow their expert status. 

I invited her onto the podcast to talk about how her work applies particularly to consultants, including:

  • How you can stand out by being yourself
  • Going beyond the buzz phrase ‘Brand Story’ and exploring what this really means for your consulting business
  • The two biggest mistakes consultants make when it comes to personal branding
  • How your brand story can turn competition into collaboration
  • Signs that indicate your brand story isn’t working for your business
  • The key differences between building a brand story and a traditional brand identity exercise
  • Which parts of your brand story to use where
  • How to share the personal messages about you and your brand story without it negatively affecting your business
  • The simple check you should make before you hit 'publish' on social media posts


Resources mentioned in the podcast:

Lucy’s free mini email course - Start building your brand story in just 10 minutes per day.