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Seven Figure Consultant with Jessica Fearnley

Nov 8, 2021

Many of the women I speak to come to the topic of building a team from a really negative place. There are lots of reasons for that but if you have aspirations to grow past 7 figures, you are going to be working with a team.

Often we are thrown into leadership situations without any preparation or experience. As you transition from a solo consultant to a CEO your leadership style and performance will be something you intentionally work on.

But how do you know who to recruit? Who is going to be a good fit for your consultancy?

In this week’s episode I am sharing two questions about building a team that have been blowing my clients’ minds this quarter.

I talk about:

  • Learning to build a team
  • Limiting beliefs around recruiting for your small business
  • Identifying what you need to bring other people in to do for you
  • What you need from your team at different stages of your business
  • Enabling your team to be more productive

This is episode 100 of the podcast! Thank you for listening. I am super excited for our NEXT 100 episodes as I feel like we are only really just scratching the surface of what it takes to get to Seven Figures as a Woman Consultant.


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