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Seven Figure Consultant with Jessica Fearnley

Jul 26, 2022

Are you feeling some degree of burnout in your consulting business?

You have taken all the actions you think you’re meant to take to build your business so that you can achieve the freedom you want. And yet, your working life still mirrors your corporate life. You wanted to move away from that when you started out. Why are you back here again?

Old habits die hard. You’ve accumulated them as you strived for success at school, university and in your corporate career.

So much of high performance in a corporate workplace can revolve around having to keep significant parts of ourselves hidden. That can include your interests, feelings, and point of view. You’re used to trying to fit in and that often means making yourself smaller.

In today’s podcast episode I am talking about allowing your authentic self back into your consulting business

I talk about:

  • How I handle all the ideas I have for my business
  • Giving time to the leadership of your business so you are clear on your focus
  • How we create a version of ourselves and that is the face of our consulting business
  • What happens when we airbrush out the things that make us who we are
  • Bringing elements of your personality back into your consulting business


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