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Seven Figure Consultant with Jessica Fearnley

Feb 26, 2024

In this week’s Seven Figure Consultant Podcast episode, I’m answering listener questions about building your seven figure consulting business, including questions about working with corporates and how to push past that sometimes overwhelming desire to throw in the towel on your business!

I also share more about our new mini-season all about creating wealth and about the Seven Figures Club, a space for women who are on a mission to scale their businesses to seven figures.



“As women, we need to be surrounded by other high vibe women. We need to see examples of courageous, high achieving, highly human, imperfect but killing it anyway, women who are changing their money story, creating successful businesses, hiring other women, opening up the access points for more women to do the same.”

“It's normal to find that entrepreneurship pushes your buttons in crazy ways. This is actually part of how we grow. We need to manage our limiting beliefs and we can't always do this perfectly. It's okay for it to be messy. All growth is good, but it just doesn't always feel like that when we're in the middle of upleveling. I bet if you look back, you'll see all the amazing progress you've made in the last three years. Don't forget to notice it. That is really important.”


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