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Seven Figure Consultant with Jessica Fearnley

May 31, 2021

Do you long for a freedom lifestyle instead of your business replicating the chaotic weekly schedule you left behind in corporate?

You’re stuck on the hamster wheel. You tell yourself that busy is good, it shows you’re being productive. But are you spending your time working on the right things?

If you are a regular...

May 27, 2021

You know those days when you wake up knowing exactly what you’re going to do in your business and you start working and you just don’t have the energy.

You feel flat. You know what you should be doing but no matter how much you berate yourself for not getting on with what’s on your task list, work is slow. You...

May 24, 2021

As you start to charge more for your services or when you deliver larger projects and contracts for higher profile clients, something unexpected happens.

Actually, several things. But the one I’m talking about today is that you can find your boundaries are tested. You might have various rules that you stick to like no...

May 20, 2021

When you set up a consulting business it’s often just you delivering the work at the start. But if you want to sell it or make it less reliant on you being present every day, you need something other than your expertise to sell.

Whether you plan to exit by selling your business or not, it’s really good to understand...

May 17, 2021

What does your desk look like? Super tidy? Key things out but generally clutter free? Or paper everywhere? 

No, this isn’t an episode about how a tidy desk means you are super organised and set for success. It’s about people’s perceptions of us and focusing on what matters. As you’ll hear, it’s inspired by a...