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Seven Figure Consultant with Jessica Fearnley

Dec 3, 2019

The real reason you can’t make those business changes, you KNOW you need to be making.

Your business can mean too much to you - here’s why.

In the early days, you can chop and change things in your business until you find your zone of genius, the one thing that you can really help your clients with and your messaging just seems to fall into place.

You really start to make money in a way you haven’t before and the business grows.

Until one day, it starts to level off. You’ve hit the dreaded plateau.

And it’s at this point that a lot of my clients come and speak to me for the first time.

At this stage we tend to map out a strategy. But after the strategy is written, it just sits in the corner gathering dust. Everything continues as it always has.

The pain of change is too great.

In this episode we explore why that happens, and what you can do about it, including:

  • What not to do when faced with paralysis in your business
  • The real reason we struggle to make the changes we know we need (and even want) to make
  • The single most important mindset shift you need to make when uplevelling your business
  • AND two tips to help you do that