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Seven Figure Consultant with Jessica Fearnley

Apr 20, 2020

Has your consulting business hit an income ceiling? An amount of money that comes in month after month, which is reassuring yet deeply frustrating at the same time. 

If you’ve reached this plateau it can be a lovely place to pause and enjoy the view from for a while, catch your breath and plan your next move.

But many of my clients first come to me because they’ve found themselves trapped at that level for far too long. They’re frustrated because working harder doesn’t yield the results they want, they know there’s more potential in their business, but they don’t know how to unlock it.

In this podcast episode I talk about the two fundamental reasons your consulting business is likely to get stuck, including:

  • Why this tends to happen around the six-figure mark (so if you’re nearing that, pay special attention).
  • How to identify if your business model is the root of the problem and how to overcome that (clue - it is NOT by working harder).
  • How to know if YOU are the underlying barrier and what you can do about that.



We are renaming my membership group to the Work Less Earn More MENTORSHIP this month because the more time goes on the more it’s clear that we are so much more than just a ‘membership’. We trialled offering 20 minute private mentoring sessions 1:1 with me each month and it has gone really well – so if that sounds like something you’d benefit from,  consider this your invitation to come and join us


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