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Seven Figure Consultant with Jessica Fearnley

May 4, 2020

The current crisis seems to have split small businesses, including consulting businesses, into three camps:

  1. Everything’s cancelled 
  2. Everything’s carrying on as normal
  3. Everything’s ramped up and they’ve got more enquiries than they can handle

In this interview with Catherine Watkin (who coaches people on how to sell from the heart) we discussed how to handle selling to corporates at this time, including:

  • How to keep selling without feeling like you’re profiteering
  • How to respond if an existing client is considering ending/pausing their contract
  • The importance of taking the lead in sales conversations
  • How you can connect with the value you bring, so you can have better sales conversations
  • The simple, yet powerful offer you can make instead of postponing/cancelling live events and workshops.

And for more help from Catherine, you can access her free video training for authentic sales conversations.