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Seven Figure Consultant with Jessica Fearnley

Oct 19, 2020

Are you finding it hard to get projects finished?

Is your to do list bursting at the seams? No matter how many hours you work, that list of tasks keeps growing.

None of us like not reaching our own standards, we are all trying to do our best. You might find this a painful realisation, but you could be the bottleneck in your business.

This week on the podcast I am talking about what happens when you are the one holding up progress.

I discuss:

  • Wanting to do more than is physically possible
  • Why understanding your role in your business is important
  • Giving yourself permission to delegate
  • Having the right systems in place
  • How present you want to be in your business day to day
  • Evaluating whether you’re using your time in the best way possible


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