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Seven Figure Consultant with Jessica Fearnley

Dec 14, 2020

When I was new in business, if someone said they didn’t know how to get clients I would have sat down with them and got to work coming up with strategies. I would have suggested 7 things they could try like speak at a conference, go networking, or reach out to prospective clients on LinkedIn.

What would often happen then was that, even though they went away with a list of things to do, we would meet again for our next session and they wouldn’t have done any of them. They might have made a half-hearted attempt at one or two things. But there would often be a real sense of despondency and failure.

People are giving you solutions, you might even be paying people to produce strategies and plans, but none of them are working. In fact, you might even be applying strategy to a situation where you are bent on sabotaging your own efforts without realising that’s what you are doing.

Over the last 6 years I have changed how I respond when someone says they don’t know how to get clients. I have realised that when we feel like we don’t know what to do, it’s not a strategy problem, it’s a mindset problem. And this is my topic for discussion on the podcast this week.

I talk about:

  • When you don’t truly believe you are good enough to be a consultant
  • What happens when we want our prospective clients to validate us
  • What you need to remember when thinking about who your ideal clients are
  • Beliefs around what people will pay
  • Some of my clients’ stories


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