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Seven Figure Consultant with Jessica Fearnley

Feb 15, 2021

Have things started to come together in your consulting business? You’ve put your heart and soul into your work and now it’s paying off. You’re approaching projects with energy and confidence and your bank balance has increased.

You’re now earning a really good salary, possibly more than you did in your corporate job. But if you are married or in a lifelong partnership, this can raise an important issue. That is, do you see your consulting business as the ‘supporting income’ in your household? If so, is that something you are happy about?

This week on the podcast, I am discussing the transition to earning more than your partner.

I talk about:

  • The impact of the pandemic on women-owned businesses
  • How women see themselves as business owners
  • The potential of your consultancy business to be life-changing for you
  • How earning more than your partner can mean a shift in your relationship
  • Figuring out what your dreams and aspirations are

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