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Seven Figure Consultant with Jessica Fearnley

May 20, 2021

When you set up a consulting business it’s often just you delivering the work at the start. But if you want to sell it or make it less reliant on you being present every day, you need something other than your expertise to sell.

Whether you plan to exit by selling your business or not, it’s really good to understand what makes for a good sales proposition. This changes everything about how you approach your business. 

You might be thinking, ‘but there’s only me, I don’t have anything else to offer’. My guest on the podcast this week is Erin Austin, who is a lawyer and consultant using her experience in big law and corporations to help consultants identify the hidden assets in their business.

She shares strategies to decouple your time from your income and how to plan for when a potential acquirer comes calling. 

We talk about:

  • Using our businesses to generate wealth
  • Where the ‘Rembrandts in the attic’ are in your business
  • What happens when you get fully booked
  • Developing your process and creating a system
  • Licensing your framework


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Find out more about Erin and get the free download "Is There A Rembrandt In Your Attic?" at

Erin’s 8 Strategies To Decouple Your Time And From Your Income - Download here

Erin’s Due Diligence Readiness Checklist - Download here

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