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Seven Figure Consultant with Jessica Fearnley

Jun 21, 2021

Do you dream of a different life? Perhaps you want to live in another country, or build a business which allows you to have lots flexibility to enjoy yourself. 

So many discussions around building a seven-figure business are focused on the balance sheet, and doing the work. But you didn’t start your consulting business to work around the clock and never see your friends or family. Maybe you had a bigger dream. Maybe it’s a dream you are thinking will always be a dream. 

This week on the podcast, I’m talking to Sumeena Gupta who took a sabbatical after 10 years working in the City and went travelling with her husband. They ended up building a new life for themselves in Indonesia and a seven-figure business. I met Sumeena at an online retreat last year and when we were chatting we realised we are from adjacent towns in north London. 

Sumeena has built multiple successful hospitality businesses over the last 15 years and now works with women as a business mentor. She helps women build businesses that allow them to have freedom, impact and build wealth, with the ultimate result of generational change.  She's on a mission to be part of the change she wants to see in this world! 

We talk about: 

  • The lack of role models for women of colour
  • Building an alternative lifestyle
  • Creating a seven-figure lifestyle business
  • Breaking free from other people’s expectations and not asking for permission
  • Being a role model for your children


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