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Seven Figure Consultant with Jessica Fearnley

Aug 2, 2021

Have you ever hosted a webinar? I hear all sorts of comments from women about why webinars will not work for their business. And lots of misconceptions about what a ‘successful’ webinar looks like.

And I get it. I am the classic introvert entrepreneur - when I first heard about webinars, I thought there is no way I am doing that. But now, they are a key part of my marketing strategy. And they could be part of yours. Yes, webinars can work for consultants serving corporate clients!

To tell you all about how you can be making use of webinars, I invited Webinar Queen DeKesha Williams onto the podcast this week. DeKesha is CEO of Vizions Consulting, which helps small business owners who struggle with growing their list, building a tribe and making money online using webinars to launch their signature offer to the masses.

DeKesha answered a lot of questions around every aspect of running webinars. This is a packed episode!

We talk about:

  • How webinars fit into the buyer’s journey
  • Making use of your training material to showcase your expertise
  • Whether to use online business selling techniques or have a different approach for corporate clients
  • Elements you need to include in your webinar
  • How to make sure decision makers watch your webinar
  • The biggest thing standing in your way


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