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Seven Figure Consultant with Jessica Fearnley

Sep 20, 2021

Many women consultants find they have created a business which exactly replicates all of the things they didn’t enjoy when they worked in corporate.

They might have left saying, ‘I will never...’ but fast forward a year or more later and there they are. They were going to create a freedom lifestyle, instead, they are working long hours.

Often as high achieving women, we have got where we are by pushing ourselves really hard. We continue to do that in our consultancy businesses. And we can be the worst boss we have ever had. Not just working late, but forcing ourselves to overwork, not letting ourselves have time off, giving ourselves short deadlines, and expecting perfection.

You might think work is always like this and the anxiety that goes with it is just the way it is.  If this resonates then this episode is for you.

My guest is Dr Susan Bernstein, who cultivates cultures of happy high achievers. She teaches individuals and organizations to craft their work and workplaces to be full of joy and fulfillment that ripples out to everyone.

We talk about:

  • The stigma around anxiety
  • Repeating patterns from corporate that you wanted to let go of
  • The signs of burnout
  • Identifying your unmet needs
  • Practical steps you can take if you have corporate baggage


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