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Seven Figure Consultant with Jessica Fearnley

Apr 4, 2022

Has life taken an unexpected turn recently? Whether in your business or in your life, no matter what you had planned, you can get thrown off course by events you had no way of knowing would happen.

There has been some heavy, bad and scary stuff going on in the world lately hasn’t there? You may have been affected, directly or indirectly. Or something else might be happening in your life.

We don’t build our businesses in a vacuum. We have all kinds of other things going on and sometimes this makes a really big difference or even stops us from progressing the way we planned. Sometimes, all you can see is scarcity. It’s a real challenge to channel abundance at times like this.

And yet, choosing abundance can make a real difference not only to how you see the world, but  what happens next.

On the podcast this week, I am talking about choosing abundance when all you can see is scarcity.

I talk about:

  • When life doesn’t follow your 5 year plan
  • What abundance actually looks like day to day (no, it’s not about money)
  • Turning situations around when you hit a setback
  • How choosing abundance creates momentum
  • Not airbrushing out the hard stuff or the mess


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