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Seven Figure Consultant with Jessica Fearnley

Jun 6, 2022

I want to start a new conversation about something I’ve been exploring this year: joy.

Do you believe in joy? After the last few years of Covid, any of us could be forgiven for not believing in joy!

So often we come into business with the expectation that it will be hard. As high-achieving women, we got the school grades and the university degrees and our corporate promotions because we worked hard.

So we create our consulting businesses ready to work hard and go through the blood, sweat and tears, with all the fear and scarcity in the background that we’re trying really hard to hide all the time.

Where does joy fit into that? On the podcast this week, I am talking about overcoming our ambivalence around joy and the difference it makes.

I discuss:

  • Comparisonitis and how it affects our perception of ourselves
  • Noticing moments of joy in your life
  • How I’ve changed the way I launch offers
  • What happens when you build your business around flow
  • How being intentional about joy creates a positive ripple effect in your business and life


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