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Seven Figure Consultant with Jessica Fearnley

Sep 19, 2022

It’s not about it being easy, it’s about being confident. Patty Caballero believed in herself enough to take the risk to leave the large corporate world to start her own small consulting business. Today, Patty and I talk about the impact of wealth dynamics on your role and energy. She recalls what surprised her when shifting to her own consulting business and some significant breakthrough moments in the process. You don’t want to miss this episode as Patty shares some impactful pieces of advice for women looking to start their seven-figure consultant journey and answers the important question, “What does becoming your next-level self mean to you?”

In this episode:

  • [01:07] Patty introduces herself and what she does. 
  • [02:23] The meaning of “big to small to big again”. 
  • [12:01] Patty shares what she likes about running a consulting business and what has surprised her. 
  • [16:09] Patty recalls some of her memorable break-throughs. 
  • [18:47] Advice for women who are ready to start the journey to being a seven-figure consultant. 
  • [21:52] Patty explains what “becoming your next-level self” means to her. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • When branching out on your own, it can be tempting to play it very conservatively and keep it small. Grow into roles that energize you.
  • It is satisfying when you can shift from a “revenue” mindset into a “what makes my business the best?” mindset.
  • If you are going to start a consulting business, you should start it around what you are best at and what you enjoy most.


“Remember your best self because that's who you will be as a consultant. Think about the best work you’ve done that you have enjoyed the most that’s been the most personally-fulfilling; that should be your consulting business.” -Patty Caballero

“It’s not about making it look easy. It’s about having confidence so it comes out naturally.” -Patty Caballero

Guest Bio: 

Patty Caballero is the founder of PSC Consulting, which helps growing healthcare companies find and amplify their voice. A veteran of communications, public relations, and marketing, Patty translated her decades of experience working with large companies and public sector clients to help innovators in the healthcare industry tell their stories. She works as a fractional chief communications officer, working with CEOs and Board Members to help companies craft a story and implement the plan that will help the business grow. In addition to her work with clients, Patty is an adjunct professor in Communication Studies, teaching upcoming professionals how to apply communications to advance business goals.


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