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Seven Figure Consultant with Jessica Fearnley

Feb 12, 2024

In this week’s episode of the Seven Figure Consultant Podcast, I interview cosmetic dentist turned world-renowned emotional health advocate and human connection expert, Dr Neeta Bhushan.

We dive deep into her remarkable shift from the world of cosmetic dentistry to becoming a passionate advocate for emotional health. We discussed the essence of resilience, the profound impact of trauma on one's path to success, and the critical importance of putting our emotional well-being at the forefront.

Neeta opens up about her own personal battles, including the profound losses within her family, and shares her transformative journey towards healing. Our conversation dares to challenge the conventional wisdom on resilience, calling for a fresh perspective that embraces vulnerability and self-compassion. 


In this episode: 

  • [00:00:23] Neeta shares her journey from a traumatic past to becoming a resilient emotional health advocate and author.
  • [00:03:23] Growing up, Neeta felt the pressure to be strong and successful, leading her to achieve outward success while coping with personal struggles.
  • [00:06:56] We discuss the problematic use of the word "resilient" and the unrealistic expectations it creates, especially for women in corporate jobs.
  • [00:11:34] Reframing resilience as flexibility and agility, emphasising the importance of prioritising mental health and well-being.
  • [00:14:53] The common tendency for trauma survivors to become high achievers as a coping mechanism, leading to burnout.
  • [00:17:42] The four pillars of resilience and the importance of making peace with the past.
  • [00:19:06] Embracing the feminine self and taking a slower, more creative approach to life.
  • [00:22:01] Neeta encourages embracing emotions and provides tools for acknowledging and releasing them.
  • [00:25:01] Allowing yourself to experience and release emotions.
  • [00:26:59] Reclaiming resilience and losing the fear of big emotions.


Key Takeaways: 

  • Neeta emphasised the need to shift our perspective, to understand that resilience isn't about being hard or unyielding - it's about allowing ourselves to be soft, playful, and to extend grace to ourselves. It's a powerful redefinition that challenges the conventional narrative and encourages us to embrace our vulnerability.
  • Emotional well-being is crucial for overall health. Healing is accessible to all, even amidst the most challenging circumstances. Neeta and I discussed the significance of normalising conversations about emotional health and the transformative power of acknowledging and addressing our personal struggles.
  • Healing is a journey that doesn't have to be undertaken alone. Neeta encourages listeners to seek help when needed and to support one another in the pursuit of emotional well-being.



"Even though on the outside I felt like I had everything, yet on the inside I was broken. On the inside, I needed to say three words, and those three words would literally forever change my world and kind of bring us to me sitting before you today, and that was ‘I need help’. And I never thought somebody so strong, so resilient, so accomplished would ever need to say those three words. But that was the hallmark of this next new chapter.” - Dr Neeta Bhushan

“It's really common, isn't it, for us to show up as high achievers because we are running from pain of some kind. … It's been fascinating for me to observe that so often trauma does lead to this focus on perfectionism, high attainment. Leading a life which from the outside is very impressive to other people.” - Jessica Fearnley


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Guest Bio

Dr. Neeta Bhushan is a cosmetic dentist turned world-renowned emotional health advocate & human connection expert. She’s written multiple best-selling books including her 5x Award-Winning Book That Sucked, Now What endorsed by Jay Shetty, and is Founder of the Global Grit Institute, the helping people reframe their sucky moments, & Dharma Coaching Institute, a coaching organization training coaches to become the highest versions of themselves. Neeta has shared her thought leadership on grit and resilience on international stages and as the host of her popular & top rated podcast, The Brave Table. She’s been featured on Forbes, LA Weekly, ABC, NBC, CBS, Grazia, Ok! Magazine, Verve Magazine & Tatler. 

After realising how trapped she felt running the million-dollar dental practice she built, Neeta embarked on a journey that led her across 45 countries as she researched blending the intersection of human behaviour, ancient wisdom, Eastern philosophy, and therapeutic psychology. That knowledge, along with other life experiences overcoming multiple adversities, which include being orphaned at a young age, surviving an abusive marriage, and extensive loss, contributed to the powerful message of resilience she shares in her work. Neeta is a mother of two and you can connect with her here.