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Seven Figure Consultant with Jessica Fearnley

Apr 1, 2024

In this week’s bite-size Seven Figure Secrets episode, I’m diving into the fascinating world of money mindset and wealth creation, especially tailored for us as women B2B consultants. 

I share my insights on the psychological hurdles we often encounter as we scale our businesses to that coveted seven-figure mark, such as imposter syndrome and the identity crises that can sneak up on us!

I believe that it’s crucial to seek internal validation rather than getting caught up in the chase for external success. I also talk about how to conquer the fear of money and open ourselves up to attracting abundance.



“Expect your mindset to bite when you get past the point of where you have previously been.  And I want us to really focus in on this from a money mindset perspective. When you get to around the 500K mark in your consulting business, don’t be surprised if your money mindset falls off a cliff.”

“Sometimes we are so invested in the version of ourselves who DOESN’T get there, who finds everything a struggle, who doesn’t feel like she’s going to make it, who can’t afford things, that we really battle against our new reality.”


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